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How to Find the Perfect Stadium Seats for Your Venue

If you’re looking to build a new theatre or stadium or update the seating of an existing one, choosing theatre seats can be tough. There are countless choices available when it comes to every aspect of your seating, from materials to size and style, so how do you find the right ones? This guide will explain everything you need to know about finding the perfect set of auditorium seats for your venue.

When finding auditorium seating, versatile seats, stadium seating, theatre seats, lecture room seating, church seating designs, or arena seating, you will need to decide how many guests you aspire to accommodate. Do you plan on hosting large-scale theatrical productions? If so, you may want theatre seats with a longer seat pitch, or more legroom between rows, to provide audiences with enough room in between each other. When buying seats, durability is a primary factor. High-traffic areas need high-quality materials. It may not be worth spending money on a new set of stage chairs if they won’t hold up under regular use. The fabric should be tough enough to resist tearing, especially in places where people will routinely sit down or stand up. The material should also breathe well so it doesn’t trap moisture or heat underneath.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time seated in your auditorium seats, multipurpose seating, bleachers seating, arena seating, theatre seats, lecture room, or church seating, comfort is an important factor. When shopping for these pieces of furniture it is important to note how much padding and cushioning there will be under your body. You want enough support without feeling like you’re sitting on concrete. Another consideration when looking at theatre chairs is if they are going to accommodate people with disabilities. There are some chairs that have armrests that may not work well for someone with limited mobility so look into this before making a purchase.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer purchase when purchasing new chairs for an event space or school auditorium, think about it before you buy. Ensure there is plenty of room? For your theatre seats to be a perfect fit for your venue and audience, you need to consider more than just style. Start by assessing how many people will likely be sitting in each seat on a regular basis. If it’s not too high-traffic of an area, we recommend leather as it is durable and easier to clean than fabric. When shopping for theatre seats, auditorium seating, multipurpose seats, bleachers seating, arena seating, and more that are meant to be used in a commercial space such as a public library or school auditorium, it is important to consider color. Ask yourself what color would work best with your existing de?cor and if you think you can coordinate well enough. Keep in mind that whichever seat manufacturer you decide on will offer multiple colors to choose from.

With hundreds of styles and patterns to choose from, deciding on a seating solution can be daunting. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

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