Why I Will Never Gatecrash A Party Again

It is Saturday night, I am working, the neighbors have amazing music, I feel like asking those to turn it up…

In my misspent youth, I soon learned that where party music sounds good, you can find a bottle of wine, dress nicely, smile, say “John invited us”, and you are clearly in.

But there have been times when it didn’t quite go as outlined by plan…

Such because the time when I (Caucasian) plus some Asian friends experimented with gatecrash an event that sounded just amazing, great music, awesome music system, we ended up so excited… We got our alcoholic offerings and knocked about the door. A smiling black man answered the entrance, with smiling black people from 4 generations behind him inside living room, all bearing an outstanding similarity in looks, wearing their Sunday best, and well, you might have maybe guessed it, a household celebration! Red-faced, we quickly made our excuses. We had a bad address we said. We went back to homes and watched TV on our own…

Years later, obviously this fiasco was forgotten, as I was tempted again. I had not learnt my lesson.

My to your neighbors neighbours did actually party each day. And I has not been invited. The music, coming with the thick concrete walls, sounded amazing. The heavy bass, a great beat, along with the sound of the laughter, well that it was more than I could bear! So, equipped with a bottle of proper wine, I gathered up my courage and knocked on the door; the stage that no return. The door opened, they smiled broadly and said sure, I was in excess of welcome. They invited me in and I could see citizens were sat round the TV. Not many people actually, a handful. All watching the film Jungle Book and singing and clapping along. I did not like Jungle Book. Oh dear. It was a lengthy night.

My face ached after hours of forcing a smile in my face. My arms ached after hours of forcing myself to clap. Only my voice was intact, but that has been because I didn’t are aware of the words on the songs.

As soon because film finally was in a position to finish, I thanked them as sincerely as I could muster and retreated for the relative excitement of my house.

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