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Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Are you experiencing night sweats? Are you feeling suffocated or stuff at night? Are you experiencing trouble sleeping well? Aren’t you feeling refreshed when you wake up after sleeping for 7-8 hours? Your bed sheet could be the reason for these. You deserve a comfy, fulfilling and revitalizing sleep after a hectic day at work to keep up with the troubles of the modern lifestyle. A quality night’s sleep is the answer to this modern era; different elements contribute to a good night’s sleep. A good bed sheet is among the primary elements responsible for a refreshing and comfortable sleep. You cannot go wrong with an Egyptian cotton bed sheet. Egyptian cotton is from a plant that’s different from the one regular cotton is from, and this clarifies a lot. Egyptian cotton is got from the species Gossypium Barbadense, originally cultivated in Nile River Valley’s rich soil. For a long time, the idiom Egyptian cotton has been tantamount to the finest quality of cotton in the globe. Here are some benefits of Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

First, there’s the breathability benefit. Egyptian cotton is porous in nature, hence allowing free air to circulate through the material. This allows you to rest comfortably and coolly throughout the night and avoid the stuffy feeling most synthetic materials create.

Secondly, there is the higher thread count pro. The threat count is a key indicator to access the quality of bed sheets. It refers to the number of strands woven together to make a single square inch of the bed sheet. A higher thread count points to higher quality bed sheets. The thread count of Egyptian cotton bed sheets is higher than that of regular sheets. Thread count that’s greater than 1000 provides a deluxe and fuller textile that feels as spongy as cotton and appears as astounding as silk even after several years of use. Also, a higher thread count increases the life of the material and keeps your bed sheets brand new for a longer tie. This makes it more rewarding to buy Egyptian cotton bed sheets as you will not buy them yearly.

Thirdly, you will say no to piling. Pilling refers to little piles of fabric not always visible to the naked eyes but is much uncomfortable to the skin. Pilling arises in bed sheets of lower thread count or inferior quality, but you will never find it in Egyptian cotton bed sheets. The explanation is that Egyptian cotton plants’ fibres do not create lint and thus making it impossible for piles to occur. As a result, these bed sheets are softer to your skin, making them comfier to sleep in and enjoy sleep at night.

Next, there is the benefit of being economical. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are an asset to a healthy, comfortable, and attractive life. The extra money you incur in buying Egyptian cotton bed sheets pays off with time. Since they last long enough, their cost is nothing. These are only a few reasons as to why invest in Egyptian cotton sheets. After reading them, you’ll make an informed decision.

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