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Why Jewelry Is Important To Our Daily Lives

People wear a wide range of jewelry wherever you turn – necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are only the beginning. What is the appeal of jewelry? Why do so many individuals prefer to beautify themselves in this manner daily? The answer is that jewelry has always been an essential element of human societies, performing various functions that are personal to each of us.

Jewelry for social class: Throughout human history, one of the most popular applications of jewelry and body ornamentation has been to announce one’s social status. In primitive communities, special and significant jewelry pieces are sometimes presented to symbolize an important rite of passage, such as attaining the age of maturity. In contemporary countries, this has evolved into a practice of permitting a young girl to wear pierced ears when she is thought old enough, or of giving a young man his first adult watch, usually during a quinceanera or a bar mitzvah. Another way to demonstrate one’s social standing with jewelry is to signify one’s social class or societal position. In medieval times, persons in positions of authority often wore unique pins, signet rings, or even chain necklaces to demonstrate their authority to their sometimes illiterate followers. Today, we pick engagement rings and wedding bands to symbolize our married status.

Jewelry to honor achievements: In many circumstances, social status jewelry is also a symbol of accomplishment. Adulthood, marriage, and power are earned via hard effort. Other types of accomplishments are often honored with jewelry as well. Members of honor organizations are often given pins. Students buy customized class rings with personalized engraving to commemorate their graduating years. Rodeo competitors are famed for their ornate silver belt buckles and are awarded awards during rodeo contests. Many individuals commemorate significant personal successes by gifting themselves important ornamental things.

Personal Expression through jewelry: Body decorations do not necessarily have to have significant commemorative connotations. Many individuals pick their things based only on their preferences. Jewelry is sometimes the “icing on the cake” to overall clothing or style. Similarly, diamonds and pearls are required for a “classic elegant” aesthetic. Even if you’re not trying to portray a certain style, accessories are a terrific way to express yourself. A fan of a certain movie series may choose a necklace with the emblem of that series. A lady who enjoys horseback riding may choose to wear horse earrings to remind herself of the animal while at work. Religious individuals typically decorate themselves with objects that depict their faith’s emblem. When clothing options are restricted, such as at work or school, jewelry and accessories are an excellent way to express oneself and feel like a unique person.

Jewelry as an investment: The last reason that individuals utilize jewelry is as an investment or a means of storing money. Because some metals and gemstones are scarce, they are very valuable. These things retain their worth well and often rise in value over time if properly cared for. While buying a block of gold and keeping it feasible, purchasing a wonderful piece of art is much more enjoyable. It is also possible for a creative creation, such as a piece of jewelry, to be worth more than the same number of valuable objects. Many individuals, both in history and now, favor expensive adornments since they can be readily shown and flaunted to show others how affluent one is.

Every piece of jewelry available can serve at least one of these functions, and many times it may serve many. Some may believe that jewelry displays and decorations are optional or unneeded, yet they play a significant role in our society and personal life.

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