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The Ultimate Guide to Buying 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The fact that there are vast choices when it comes to buying a bed sheet, it’s therefore an important decision that one has to make particularly with the type of bed sheets that one needs. It’s even hard to make the right choice here due to the different materials and thread counts used being overwhelming. The kind of sleeping experience that one needs need to be the key factor that guides one on whether to choose silk, regular cotton, linen or other materials. However when one is in need of a soft and high quality sheet keeping one warm during winter seasons and cools in the summer seasons, the perfect choice is Egyptian cotton sheets. Many people love this type of sheets but are deterred by its high price. Egyptian cotton is ranked as the best cotton in the entire world due to the fact that it has an incredible strength as well as softness. It offers the best luxury that one would be looking for making it an ideal investment that offers a comfortable and perfect night sleep that one deserves. There tend to be many manufacturers who use a very small percentage of Egyptian cotton while combining it with other fabrics which cannot even compared to this material. Customers even fail to recognize it but to those who know what they are looking for, they tend to recognize this. To ensure that one buys cotton sheets that are purely made of Egyptian cotton it’s good to look at the below things.

Price. One need to look at the price since this is the first indicator that the sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton or not. This is because if it chargers cheaper than what one have come across there are higher chances that it’s not completely Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton sheets are the most expensive sheets that one can buy but opting to buy them is the best decision to make. Several factors explain their high price including high-quality, soft and stronger, breathability and high thread count. It’s good to remember that one will always get what they actually pay for therefore a need to go for these sheets despite being very expensive.

Thread count. Another thing is checking the thread count since pure Egyptian cotton sheets tend to have a higher thread count. Many people tend not to be familiar with the thread count but it’s important to have a basic understanding about it. In simple terms they represent the number of threads that tend to be woven in any single square inch of any fabric. This means that having a higher thread count is better as it adds to the sheets being softer and comfortable for ones sleep. It’s therefore good to consider this factor and avoid those with thread count below 400.

Reputation. It’s good to find a reliable distributor when buying these sheets. This calls for checking reviews from the website to determine if the customers are satisfied and if they rate the sheets as purely Egyptian cotton made. If there are many negative reviews and the website does not look good, it’s good to avoid buying here to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars.

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